Medical Hair Loss

Scarlet Medical: For clients who has lost hair due to medical reasons, this is an excellent and more natural looking alternative to regular wigs.
For some time now it has been known that looking and feeling your best does have a significant role in coping with the effects, and improving your outcome of getting through cancer treatments. This is why it is imperative that you, or a loved one, who is undergoing cancer treatment do all that they can to look their best. This helps them to maintain a healthy and positive outlook on their situation.
The motivation to do so, of course, is much easier said than done. In light of the circumstances, it’s easy to understand how ones personal appearance can fall way to the back of their priority list. Also people who have never before worn wigs may have a difficult time adapting. With everything else that is happening to them, they also have to deal with the loss of their hair.
Well, there is some comforting news when it comes to advancement in wigs. Today, wigs for cancer patients are far more natural looking and easy to use then than they ever have been in the past. This means that for a relatively reasonable cost, and some basic education, a chemotherapy patient can restore their full head of hair in only a matter of minutes with wigs for cancer patients.
This page focus specifically on a particular type of wig which is called lace wigs:L
Lace wigs are made with a thin sheer mesh fabric material attached. It is this mesh material that is referred to as the lace. When fitted and applied correctly the lace wig gives the appearance of the hair naturally growing out of your scalp.
The lace is trimmed right to the edge to form a natural hairline. Then it is secured in place by double sided adhesive tape, or a liquid adhesive skin bond which is the most popular method.
Lace wigs create such a natural looking appearance that they are considered superior to the traditional, regular (non-lace), wigs that you simply put on and pull off. And that security is the significant difference that greatly helps a cancer patient’s confidence.
Lace wigs were originally created in the medical industry! It was created as a solution for people experiencing complete hair loss while going through cancer chemotherapy. Lace wigs for cancer patients were so successful and natural looking that they got high jacked by the fashion industry as a beauty accessory which is where you mostly hear about them now.
If a lace wig is fitted and applied correctly with the adhesive it is set and fixed on you. It could last a couple of weeks or more before you are ready to remove the adhesive, and remove the wig.
Higher quality lace front wigs, and full lace wigs for cancer patients are very natural. The Swiss or French lace creates a breathable cap that lessens itching and sweating. You might actually forget you are wearing it.
The ultimate goal in providing wigs for cancer patients is to help them maintain confidence and self-esteem, regardless of the medical issues they are facing!
Custom-made lace wigs for cancer patients are almost indistinguishable from natural hair. They are usually not a viable option for cancer patients, as they can be extremely expensive and generally take a couple of months to complete. Machine-made lace wigs are the least expensive and most widely available. If you’ve ever worn a wig, this is probably the type you are familiar with. Wefts of hair are sewn together in a straight line, cut and assembled into a wig. Many of the higher quality lace wigs for cancer patients look extremely realistic and very difficulty for anyone to notice.

Synthetic Hair vs. Human Hair

Well-made synthetic wigs may look real, but they never completely totally feel, or move, the way real hair does nor can you treat them like your own hair. They literally fry when exposed to heat. So no curling irons, hot combs, or blow dryers unless they are specifically designed for synthetic wigs. Hot rollers can be used, but only at low settings. And avoid exposing the wig to any intense heat sources such as an oven. The blast of heat will cause frizzing.
On the over hand wigs made of human hair will obviously look and feel more like real hair, because it is real hair. However they are more expensive. Then they are also far more time consuming because you have take care of it just like you do with your real hair. You can use heated appliances on them for touch-up.  It’s important to bear in mind that in time, if you keep your spirits high, the chemotherapy treatments will be over. And, your own natural hair will return and once again cover your head.
But for now a good quality lace front wig, full lace wig, or whole lace wig is a great solution to looking and feeling your best during this challenging time.

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