My Lace Wig journey...

My personal journey with Lace Wigs started long before I even purchased my first one. I can see God’s hand in every step of the way of my experiences and up to this point - therefore first and foremost to God be the Glory  ...

I have been struggling with traction alopecia practically my whole life and wore braids and weaves from a tender age. This played havoc on my already fragile hairline, hence I was constantly looking for some way too have beautiful bountiful tresses, whilst at the same time protecting and nurturing my natural hairline back to health.

For a long time I couldn’t find anything suitable, until...

As far back as I can remember I have been fascinated with beautiful hair as many of you, I am sure, can relate and were always envious of the girls with the good strong hair.  My focus wasn’t so much on long hair, but strong hair!  I"ve been known to say: ”I don’t mind having coarse hair, there are more than enough products on the market to remedy that, just so long as they were 5 instead of my current 2!”  Having alopecia takes a huge knock out of one’s self esteem and I certainly was poorest of the poor where same is concerned. Did you know that it has been proven that society respects people with better hair slightly more thatn someone with 2 hairs! You might think: how shallow, but please take note ...

I can't remember the exact moment when I became aware of the existence of lace wigs, but there should’ve been fireworks as far as I’m concerned!  The only problem was that it is nowhere to be found in South Africa and it is quite costly.  I researched lace wigs for more than 3 years before I finally made my first purchase hence albeit SCH is only 2 years old now, I have more than 5 years' experience with this phenomenon.

I didn’t realise at that moment what a transformation that would bring to my life and my self-esteem. Looking back, I realise that I could have saved a lot of money (and of my own hair) if I made the move earlier…

Then my lace wig arrived, but I sat with this valuable package for more than 2 months as I couldn’t find anyone who knew how to properly attach a lace wig! I was extremely frustrated.  After calling around over the whole of South Africa - I met this lady at a reputable salon who told me she knew about lace wigs and she had the correct products (remember, by now I was in my own mind an expert from all the research I’ve done - hence I knew which questions to ask).  She assured me she knew, but boy, was I in for the stepmother of a disappointment!
  1. She wanted to leave about 2 inches of the excess lace in the front, which I was supposed to cover with make-up!  Let me tell you that no amount of make-up will EVER hide the lace stuck to your forehead!
  2. She applied my lace wig off centre;
  3. Applied it with the regular black glue that is used for weaves!
Needless to say, it looked absolutely horrendous and in no way as glamorous as I the picture I had in my mind, formulated by all the videos I’ve watched and pictures I’ve seen after 3 years’ research.  This prompted me to embark on the journey to learn how to do it myself! That is a story for another day so in a nutshell, I decided to take the plunge and get proper training.  

This is "my hair" and me :-)

Then started the endless enquiries and stares (which takes some getting used to): ’is that your own hair’ my answer obviously: ‘no’.  ‘where did you get it’, ‘how does it work’ etc etc. 

And right there God gave me the vision to do this as a business.

By now you would’ve realised that lacewigs asks for a lot of research, because it took me a lot of research until I found a supplier who:

  1. was willing to give me the proper training on:
    • what lace wigs are in its essence'
    • the proper care and maintenance of same;
    • training on how to apply and remove lace wigs properly without damaging the unit and/or your own hair;
  2. Gave me good prices and excellent products;
  3. Gave excellent customer service and after sale service;
  4. Supply me with the tools to make a success of my business.
Once I found this supplier and had the training, I was good to go and the hard work started.  It has been a great journey, albeit tiring and time-consuming. I thank God for a supportive business partner in my husband, Theo Matthys, as well as my Mother and my Rock, Vanessa de Bruyn, who encouraged me to persevere at times when I felt like giving up.
I get the most pleasure from watching someone who have been suffering from alopecia (and as a result have no self confidence), see themselves in the mirror for the first time after the application. There is a change in posture that is immediately evident.  The joy I get from helping women who have lost their hair as a result of cancer, other ailments, or hereditary female pattern baldness is my reason for continuing to do what I do...

My vision is to continue to provide Quality Products which has a Desirable Lifespan by supplying Great Service at Competitive yet Affordable Prices whilst CREATING CONFIDENCE, ONE HEAD AT A TIME!

What are Lace Wigs?

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